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Welcome! to our virtual learning center.
We are now offering the badge sessions listed below as well as our Hooked on Horsessm series through Zoom.
We will be adding more badge workshops and topics each month so check back often or sign up for our newsletter and select Virtual courses to find out about new topics as soon as they are launched!

Leaders! We can do a private badge session just for your troop. Send us an email with the badge and dates/times the work for you.

Ms. Linda, our instructor, is a Lifetime Member of Girl Scouts and holds a Masters Degree in Education.
Ms. Linda has served as a Naturalist at Girl Scout Camps and is a Project Wild facilitator.

















Daisy Eco Learner

The Eco Learner badge helps Daisies learn some ways to give back by protecting nature and the environment when they go outside.

Brownie Eco Friend

Brownies find new ways to protect environment and the living things in it. They discover ways to treat outdoor spaces with kindness.

Junior Animal Habitats

Discover more information about wild animals and what can be done to protect their habitats.



Brownie STEM

Scouts will discover the different career possibilities that are available based on their current interests.



Junior STEM

The Junior STEM Career Exploration badge workshop covers all the requirements listed as they related to horses and other animals.
























Bit N Bridle

Brownie Bit N Bridle badge covers all five steps virtually! The only thing left is to go out for the ride!

Horseback Riding

Junior Horseback Riding Badge let's you earn the first four steps of the badge virtually, then go for a ride!

Brownie Bugs

We may consider them pests, but bugs can be very helpful! Let's explore their world.


Cadette STEM

STEM careers make a difference in our world. What will your world be like in 15 years?














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Be sure to check out our virtual Hooked on Horses sessions, too! The videos below are from some of the sessions we did earlier this year.













Parts of the horse

Parts of the Horse

Learn to identify the common parts of the horse in this interactive program. Requires Flash on your computer. Click the picture to start.

Parts of the horse Worksheets


Parts of the horse - printable worksheets include the labels, word scrambles, word searchs, and crossword puzzles. Divided by head, legs, and body.

Grooming a horse

Daily Grooming

Horses get groomed every time you ride. Learn how to groom your horse by clicking on the picture to start.


Biosecurity and Grooming Tools

Grooming Tools

A horse's health depends on how we care for our horse. The horses' grooming tools need to be kept clean.


Vital Signs for Horses

Horse Vitals

Knowing how to take your horse's vitals signs will help to tell you how if your horse is healthy or sick.

Download Horse Vital Chart















Tied Safe and Secure

Tied Safe and Secure

There are a number of ways to tie a horse. Do you know which are best?
Quick Release Directions


Horse Treats

Horse Treats

All foods are not created equal. Find out which foods horses can eat and which ones they can't and why.

Horse Colors

Horse Colors

Al horses do not come in all colors. Can you tell what breed the horse is by its color?


First Aid for Horses

First Aid

Know what should be in it and how to use it in an emergency and non-emergency situation.


Importance of Hay for Horses

Hay! Does it Matter?

Nutrition is important with horses. The different types of hay that you feed can make a difference in your horse's health.












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