Horse and Leadership Activities

Horses and Leadership

Horses teach skills
          Horses give confidence
                    Horses create leaders

Why Horses?

Horses are a mirror of the person handling them.
They live in the moment and do not judge.
By interacting with horses, the participants are provided with insights as to whether they are being effective or not. They learn how to refine their actions to see if they can improve their intention.

Each session has exercises that involve body language, intention of actions, awareness of self and others, centering, group dynamics, and perceptions. Participants will interact with the horses, but, there is no riding involved. Each two-hour session contains three to five exercises/interactions.


Two-hour session

Designed for Elementary, Middle, and High School students as well as adults.

These exercises demonstrate the dynamics of a horse herd, how horses respond to a person's attitude, why body language is important.


Four-hour session

Designed for Middle and High School (grades 7 - 12) and adults.

This session includes averything from the two-hour session PLUS exercises that demonstrate motivation and reward, awareness of self and others, perception and intent.


Each exercise ends with a discussion on how these skills can be used when interacting with others.

Participants from the two-hour session can schedule an additional two-hour session that includes the second set of exercises.


The minimum group size is 6 and the maximum is 25.
For more information or to schedule your group, email or call 248.634.7276

The cost of this event is
  • $30.00 per participant for a two-hour session.
  • $60.00 per participant for a four-hour session
Sessions offered on Sunday at 2:00 pm or 4:00 pm. Corporations or schools may schedule a session during the week.
How to dress -
Participants are expected to wear long pants and smooth-soled boots with a small, 1/2" heel or tennis shoes.
Helmets are provided for participants under 18 when interacting with a horse. Participants may bring their own ASTM/SEI certified helmet. Bicycle, roller blading, or other sport helmets are not acceptable.
Participants must have a Liabilty Release form on file to participate in this event.
Ms. Linda, owner and instructor, is a Lifetime Member of Girl Scouts and holds a Masters Degree in Education.
      By appointment only
      9160 Eagle Road
      Davisburg, MI 48350
      248 634-7276

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