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50 Blades of Hay

Horses are said to be mirrors of ourselves. They can feel our fears and anxieties. More than that, they are a supportive and willing partner for those who look to them for comfort and hope. The short stories in 50 Blades of Hay show the real-life experiences of our riders who found courage, determination, joy, and transformation while interacting with a horse.


All the stories are based on our horses and riders. You will feel their frustration as well as their exuberance as they learn to ride a horse and experience the benefits of horseback riding.

50 Blades of Hay - trailer

               50 Blades of Hay - trailer

No glass slipper for this cowgirl
For your princess who prefers horses.
Talks horse fluently
For the person who can talk about horses forever!
Make Stella your valentine
Make Stella your valentine - or any other horse.
You show girl!
A blue ribbon shirt for a blue ribbon rider.

Horseback riding gift certificates


Gift Certificates

The perfect gift for the horse-crazy person in your life.

Great for birthdays, Christmas, or just to say "surprise!" to that special someone.

These certificates can be used at any time during the year. All lessons are taught by scheduled appointment only.

You can check when lessons are held be clicking on our Calendar to see which day/time works best for your schedule.


One gift certificate = one riding lesson

Each lesson is $35. Save by giving four lessons for $120.

Order yours today by calling 248.634.7276 or sending an email to Gift Certificates or purchase online.

      By appointment only
      9160 Eagle Road
      Davisburg, MI 48350
      248 634-7276

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