Awards collage from prior years

Awards Celebration 2019


Our Awards Celebration takes place mid-October. It's a time for our riders and volunteers to be recognized for their accomplishments over the past year. Family and friends are invited to celebrate with us.


Our Top Ten Equestrians and Top Ten Champions from our Horse Show are awarded their competition ribbons. Our volunteers and barn buddies are recognized for their contribution of helping with our therapeutic and scouting programs.


Each rider is also awarded a Certificate of Accomplishment that indicates their riding level.


Top Overall Champians Top Equestrians
Meryl Callahan Ellie Mydlowski
Lucy Diederich Malia Otto
Malia Otto Meryl Callahan
Amelia Gavorin Allie Hensley
Ellie Mydlowski Jackson Hensley
Allie Hensley Lucy Diederich
Jackson Hensley Amelia Gavorin
Casey Pawlus Casey Pawlus


Plan to join us on October 10, 2020, for our 2020 Awards Celebration.


Reminders will be sent to all riders, volunteers, and friends the last week of September.


Attire is casual. There is no cost for this event.


A pot luck dinner is served and we ask that attendees bring a dish to pass.
      By appointment only
      9160 Eagle Road
      Davisburg, MI 48350
      248 634-7276

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