Riders enjoying a drop-in class at Pretty Pony Pastures

Drop-in Riding


Drop-in riding sessions are available throughout the year on Tuesday evenings, week day afternoons during the summer, and other select times. These are actual riding lessons designed for riders who are at least 7 years old and families who enjoy riding but cannot make the commitment to ride every week.

Parents and grandparents often use our drop-in riding lessons as a reward or a special outing for their child. These session can also be used to evaluate whether our facility and the rider are a match.
Parents can also elect to ride with their child(ren) during these sessions.


Join our Frequent Ryder Club and get a free ride after completing six rides. Rides must be per individual and cannot be combined with friends or family rides.


Riding classes lasts approximately one hour. And includes horsemanship as well as riding.

Cost is $30/rider. Request more information by email or call 248.634.7276.

Morning sessions this summer - Monday through Thursday - Starting June 18 through August 29

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Riding Leslie
Grooming Leslie
Riding Lu-Rain
Classes are scheduled periodically throughout the year.
Please check our on-line calendar for availability.
Sign up for our newsletter and select "drop in" to assure notice of these classes.


How to dress -
Riders are expected to wear long pants and a boot with a small, 1/2" heel.
Helmets are provided. Riders may use their own ASTM/SEI certified helmets. Bicycle, roller blading, or other sport helmets are not acceptable.


Participants must have a Liabilty Release form on file to participate in this event.


      9160 Eagle Road
      Davisburg, MI 48350
      248 634-7276

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